I got my 11th item in the mail today (of The 12 Items New Years Resolution fame).

Viola, the Out-skirt from Nau.com (see photos). Nau is a socially responsible (and priced that way) clothing company that I’ve been a fan of for years. They had a clearing-out-old-inventory-to-make-room-for-winter-stock sale last week and I jumped on the chance (as I always do when they have sales) to buy some of my favorite pieces that would be insane, but philanthropic, to buy at full price.

I have a new problem now, which is that I got it in my head that I want to be like crazy, skirt-wearing, rock climbing girl and get myself some brown boots with buckles, with grey socks sticking out the top, and a brown belt. I’ll skip the silly grandma hat though. 

So now I’m trying to decide if my final item for the year is going to be a new pair of Converse slip-ons or those brown boots. First world problems, I tell ya.


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