I finished Bossypants today. As you can tell its an incredibly quick read, or maybe I just love Tina Fey so much that I couldn’t read slower. I’m actually a very slow reader so it probably is a quick read for most of the population over 9 years old.

Unlike Simon Pegg’s memoir, Fey’s spanned a lot more of her life beyond childhood. Though both had some “nerdy” drama/theater experience in their childhoods and early teens but mostly the story telling was pretty different. I did have the same thoughts while reading both books though, how do they remember all this stuff? Or rather, how do they remember all these stories from childhood that had a point or purpose? My stories are usually amusing only to me. I guess it’s good that I am not trying to write a book. But not so good for you, the reader of this blog. Suckaaah!


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